What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?


Scalp MicroPigmentation, or SMP as it is commonly known, is not just a regular hair tattoo, but a highly specialized process by which tiny deposits of pigment are positioned within the dermal layer of the skin. When applied by a skilled practitioner, these deposits replicate the look of real shaven hair or will add the appearance of density to longer hair. The act of needing the scalp can also stimulate hair growth.


What is the Cost?

The cost usually runs between CAD $1,000-$4,000 depending on the amount of balding, thinning, scarring... etc. For example, a small scar might cost $1,000 to conceal while a client experiencing complete hair loss will incur costs towards $4,000.

It’s easy to get a quote by emailing us a picture of your scalp... but we would prefer to do consultations in person if possible. 


What is the Size of the Needle?

We use single needles made from Japanese Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel. Our needles make impressions the size of a small pin. With the naked eye, it's impossible to differentiate between a follicle made with our needles and an actual hair follicle. The needles we use are the smallest on the market.


What's the Difference between Permanent and Semi-Permanent?

The duration of permanent or semi-permanent depends on the pigment used and the depth of needle penetration during the procedure. Skin type and after-care are also determining factors in achieving lasting results. During your consultation we'll discuss all of the details and options that are best for you.  Clients should follow aftercare instructions carefully for best results.


Does Scalp Micropigmentaion Hurt?

The honest answer is that SMP can be uncomfortable. Some describe it as a painful while others report that the pain level is not high at all. For this reason, it is impossible to predict how much discomfort a particular individual will experience during the procedure as pain tolerances vary. * We offer numbing cream with lidocaine for those who are concerned about the pain.


How Long does the Treatment Take?

Typically 2-3 hours for each session. A final touch up session may or may not be required. That will be determined after complete healing has taken place.


Will the Pigment Change Colour?

No, there is absolutely no risk of the colour turning blue or green. We use a Carbon based pigment which contains no blue or green undertones. As with all permanent makeup, fading will occur over time as your skin ages.


Does My Hair Colour Matter?

Yes it does. We have pigment to match any hair follicle.

How Many Days am I Required to Wait Between Sessions?

While it is possible to do two procedures within the same week, we recommend waiting 7-10 days to fully heal before doing your next session.


How Long Does the Scalp Take to Fully Heal?


The scalp will take approximately 7-10 days to fully heal.


Do I need to Shave my Head before the Procedure?


After your consultation or viewing images of your scalp and evaluating your unique situation, we'll be able to suggest a length your hair should be cut before the procedure

AFTERCARE FOR SMP (Scalp micropigmentation) 


It is your responsibility to care for and heal your treatment for the best possible results. 


Failure to follow instructions could result in poorly healed procedures. Redness usually lasts around 1-2 days. You may wear a hat but only if it does not rub or cause irritation to the treatment.  



• No water on the head 

• No sweating or working out 

• No soap, shampoo, dry shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc 

• No washing of the scalp whatsoever 


DAY 4 

• You may use warm water to rinse your head NO SOAP

• You may sweat lightly, pat dry periodically to avoid pooling 

• You may work out lightly


DAY 10 

• You may use soap and water to wash your head as normal

• You may work out as normal 

• You may sweat as normal 


After day 10 and when your scalp is healed completely, you should protect your scalp from direct sunlight by a) wearing a hat b) applying sunblock




Day 1 of procedure

• Wash hair with CHEMICAL FREE, ALCOHOL FREE shampoo or a glycerin bar

• Use Luke warm water

• DO NOT use dry shampoo 

• Blow dry on a low heat until completely dry 

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and etransfer.

We prefer Cash simply because it does not carry processing fees