What are intuitive + healing tattoos?

Intuitive and healing tattoos is the process of using sacred intuition to change and alter the energy of pre-existing tattoos or to intuit tattoos for the skin to assist your soul evolution.


Tattoos can be used for very powerful change in our lives to assist with your soul path, uplifting your consciousness and healing.


In the past you may also have had a tattoo that now you feel needs to be changed. Tattoos hold energy in the form of symbols and images that are imprinted into our skin and our energetic field. Perhaps you now feel that the energy of this tattoo needs to be altered. Perhaps you had a negative expereince with the tattoo artist themselves and this comprised the energy of the tattoo. I can use sacred symbols to raise the vibration of the tattoo. Energy and intention can alter any reality.

I will use sacred symbols, meditation and affirmations to assist you on your path. The art of handpoke is used often in this service.

I also use healing mandalas that I create using numerology and sacred numbers from your life. These healing mandalas can be tattooed, painted onto the skin or I will create a personalised painting for you. Using words and numbers we can also create sacred personal sigils for you to use daily for intention and purpose, again these do not need to tattooed onto the skin but can be used in spell work, daily intention setting and can be drawn onto the skin with purpose.

*Disclamer. I AM NOT A THERAPIST, LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST or medical practitioner. I am qualified using usui reiki training to level 2 and have a BA in Social Work also years of experience in the tattoo and healing field with many healing modality experiences.

My wisdom and intuition comes form years of healing work and personal experiences, connection to the divine and a soul calling to assist others. I do not heal you I lead you to the path for you to walk with assistance. i am not here to be your guru or to act as a coach but to remInd you that your inner wisdom is your inner teacher.*